What is PBN and PBN Hosting?

PBN or Private Blog Network is a network consistent across several domains or platforms which are all connected and owned by one person (most of the time). This doesn’t necessarily have to be one person as it can also be a group of bloggers or writers who are trying to promote their content. They are always on the lookout for better and more trustworthy websites. Why? Well, if you want to be on the top search page of your browser your website needs to have backlinks, as they are essential for a good Google ranking. PBNs are actually a shortcut method for getting high-quality backlinks while avoiding typical tasks for link building. When it comes to PBN hosting, you need to know that it gives you the flexibility with various high-quality providers and that it can manage everything without leaving any footprints on the server. Actually, many people believe that PBN is the next generation hosting since it provides multiple locations, IPs, real looking websites and diversification.

An Example of PBN

Here is an example for you to understand PBN and PBN hosting a bit better. Let’s say that a movement was made in 2010 where citizens of Seattle wanted to clean up their streets. They had to make a domain and they did, titling it letscleanseattle.com. Since the movement itself was considered a positive and patriotic one, the governor spread the word about it and it went viral through social media. In time, the citizens raised enough money to exceed their plan and they fulfilled their goal by 2011. After that, the website became useless and pointless so they just left it to expire. However, remember that this is the domain which was linked to the local governor, press, and nearby TV stations, and since it has so many respectable links, Google thinks of it as trustworthy. In time, some CEO finds this domain and looks it up online to see how trustworthy it actually is, then purchases it from any other domain while registering to use for PBN. Google already thinks that this site is trustworthy, so it is going to push its content to the front page while the CEO can make whatever he or she wants out of that site.

Shockingly enough, around 30,000 – 50,000 domains expire on a daily basis and a lot of them can have good metrics for PBN. However, it is very important to follow Google’s rules in order not to face Google penalties, especially since their algorithm changes. It is the best for you to make it seem like a real looking website with proper content. Rather have one lovely and updated looking PBN instead of dozens of smaller ones.

Advice For PBN Hosting

It would be the best for you not to use a service that claims to specialize in PBN hosting. These types of services are easy to find online, and there is a huge chance that a Google employee will find them before you do. But you can use any out of these hosts: virtual private servers, cloud hosts, and common web hosts. Once you choose your hosting option you need to ensure not to leave any footprints (obvious trademarks).

The thing about these footprints is that, once someone spots them, they will be able to tell that you bought the domain and just skipped forward the whole link building process. You may seem suspicious if you do one of the following things: 1. Blocking Crawlers If you set up your PBNs properly then no one will be able to see that your website is from a PBN website. If you want it to look functional then don’t block crawlers, make it look like any other website. 2. Don’t Hide The IP With Cloudflare Many PBNers used Cloudflare in order to hide their real IP address and it didn’t turn out to be the best idea. Cloudflare can sometimes leek the data, and everything can be out in the open. By any means, just avoid Cloudflare.

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PBN Hosting- The Right Move

PBN hosting can be the right move when done right. You should know what are some of the most common mistakes that people make so that you can avoid them (like we’ve mentioned in the article). In time and with proper equipment you will understand that PBN hosting isn’t hard, in fact, it is going to be more and more popular in the upcoming period. Luckily for you, there are over 30,000 domains expiring on a daily basis and a lot of them have good metrics for PBN.